Stamp duty land tax

Your questions answered

We design personal solutions that ensures your property tax is managed in the most beneficial way possible, in accordance with all legal requirements and government legislation.

Since stamp duty land tax is a viable proposition, why doesn’t everyone avoid paying stamp duty?

It takes a highly skilled tax strategist to devise a plan that is robust and legally sound, something that is well beyond the skill set of typical ‘high street’ solicitors handling routine conveyancing, and as such, few property buyers are ever given the option.

Can I use my own solicitor?

Generally no. We provide our clients with an integrated and tax-efficient conveyancing service, and in order to do so, we need to control all aspects of their purchase in order to guarantee our planning and their refund.

Is Stamp duty land tax appropriate for everyone?

Yes, it is a legal tax saving strategy for any buyer of a property that triggers the liability to pay stamp duty.

Can you deal with the sale of my existing property as well as my purchase?

Yes, there are many advantages to us acting on your behalf in the sale of your existing property. By us controlling both your sale and purchase, we can ensure that funds from your sale (which may be required for future purchases) are available to you exactly when you need them.

Can I be confident that there won’t be issues later on?

The implementation of your tax planning will be carried by a number of SRA-regulated (Solicitors Regulation Authority) firms, and one of the cornerstones of their regulation is that the firms must act in your best interests at all times.

Am I protected against a future claim by HMRC?

Our advice comes with a fully insured policy by market leading insurers. This means that you are covered for professional fees in the unlikely event you may need to seek further advice later on. It is a mark of the quality of our advice that leading ABI-member insurers are happy to offer this cover.